Teenage drivers get more tickets and are hurt and killed in greater numbers than any other age group of drivers. In an effort to decrease these alarming statistics, the department created a teen driver-related website, which focuses on encouraging teens to be safer drivers. The website is intended to help teens better understand the restrictions of the “provisional” type license which the department issues to teen drivers. It contains traffic safety information, safety tips, a practice written exam, requirements for obtaining a learner’s permit or driver license, as well as other useful information. With the growing number of teen speed-racing injuries and fatalities, the Department of Motor Vehicles has developed a segment on the Teen Website that talks about the dangers of speed racing and refers teens to a website where they can go to legally and safely drive fast cars. The Teen Website is visually appealing to teens in the hopes that they will visit the site often to get accurate driver safety related information.

Parents are also encouraged to visit the Teen Website with their teen driver!

Other resources available on the DMV website



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